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Type aliases


AccessContext: { accessTime?: Date; accessor?: IdentityId; job?: JobSpec }

The context in which a document will be accessed. Grants condition on the values of this context.

Type declaration

  • Optional accessTime?: Date

    The time at which the data will be accessed. Generally, you don't need to set this unless you're differentiating among multiple documents that all require a certain access time.

  • Optional accessor?: IdentityId

    The identity that will be accessing the document. Leaving this field unset will search for documents accessible to anybody (likely only in the context of a job).

  • Optional job?: JobSpec

    The job that will be accessing the data. Leaving this field unset will search for documents accessible directly by identities. If identity is also unset, the search will return public documents.


AssetId: Opaque<ResourceId, "DocumentId" | "DatabaseId">


EscrowedAsset: { cliamant: IdentityId; id: AssetId; type: "document" | "database" }

An asset held by the escrow identity.

Type declaration

  • Readonly cliamant: IdentityId

    The identity that has permission to retrieve the asset from escrow.

  • Readonly id: AssetId
  • Readonly type: "document" | "database"


EscrowedAssetSearchParams: { accessibleInContext?: AccessContext; selectedByCondition?: Condition; token?: TokenId }

Type declaration

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